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Clinion - Clinical Data
Management System (CDMS)

Faster, Smarter Clinical Research

Clinical Data Management System (CDMS)

A quick eClinical solution for today's Clinical trials

By delivering high-quality clinical data that has been pre-cleaned, our e-clinical systems make your study significantly more productive.

Set up studies in days,
not months

Configure studies quickly with our simple and inbuilt interface without depending on programming.

Benefit from faster, more
accurate data entry

Form rules like edit checks and conditional branching along with user friendly data entry forms empower users to enter data rapidly while ensuring accuracy.

Clinion Highlights

Solutions designed for your unique needs

Clinion a complete and integrated environment for the configuration,
data capture and data management of clinical trials.

21 CFR Part 11 Validated

EDC & Paper Studies

eCRF Designer with Global Libraries

Document Repository

CDISC Compliance

Medical Coding & Multilingual CRFs

Discrepancy Management

Cloud-Based SaaS – Pay per use model

CDMS Process

A quick eClinical solution for today's Clinical trials

Clinion CDMS is a cloud-based platform that enables easy capture of high quality clean data. A clinical trial begins and ends with clean and high quality data. This data is collected in the most streamlined and efficient manner possible. Clinion’s CDMS is secure and flexible enough to meet any workflow requirements.

Following is the procedure for a CDMS

  • Design

    Design multiple studies using the eCRF Designer and Global Library, followed by logical steps to create your study. The entire CRF is generated by the system once the study and form information is provided.

  • Data Capture

    Now that a design is set-up, both you and your investigators can enter data according to assigned access . This can be accessed from Work Area, PC or a Tablet as required.

  • Manage Data & Report

    The ability to monitor progress and troubleshoot is the Critical part in any CDMS application. Query management and resolution tool enables different roles/users to troubleshoot queried data. All data is mapped and an audit trail provides reporting capability. Results can be filtered to focus the information as required.


Clinion Features

Thought Exploration Solution

ECRF Design

  • Manage multiple studies
  • Drag n Drop eCRF Designer
  • Edit Checks Configuration
  • Global Library
  • Study Manager

Data Management

  • Graphical Dashboards
  • Discrepancy Management
  • Medical Coding
  • Data Loader
  • Ad hoc Data Extraction
  • Locks – Monitor, DM, Page, Visit & Study

EDC & Paper Based Studies

  • Replicates Paper CRF
  • Source Data and Investigator Verification (SDV & IV)
  • Notes & Attachments Visits
  • First Pass and Second Pass Entry
  • Comparison Reconciliation

Discrepancy Management

  • Configurable DCF Workflow
  • Auto Edit Checks
  • Manual Edit Checks
  • Open discrepancies visible in the subject dashboard.
  • Update/ Close Query

Medical Coding

  • Supports MedDRA and WHO-DD
  • Multiple versions can be maintained
  • Auto & Interactive (manual) Coding
  • Dictionary version and license key linked to the study

Other Features

  • Multilingual eCRFs: Supports Indian & International languages
  • SDTM compliant
  • Dashboard extraction
  • High System Scalability

Integration with CDISC Libraries

Clinion global library is now integrated with CDISC libraries so that CDISC annotations can be mapped to CRF fields during eCRF creation. Features of CDISC integration include:

  • Global library with pre-configured CDISC annotated panels for all the 40 domains
  • Auto and Manual/Interactive mapping of CDISC annotations
  • CDISC Compliance Report
  • Extract CDISC SAS datasets
  • Extract CDISC define.xml
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with complete audit trail.

CDMS, the best fit for your clinical trial

Rapid Studies

Quick and Faster


Doesn’t depend on programmers
or other contractors

Data Accuracy

Ensure precision with real-time
edit checks, skip logic, and other highlights

Real-Time Data

Adequate monitoring with
real-time data

API Integration

Unite with CTMS, RBM,
SAE database and others

Adaptable Data Collection

Workable from multiple
devices and locations

Budget Friendly Ownership

Simple and easy to


Effortless data

Therapeutic Competencies

Clinion has been utilized for a large number of Phase I – Phase IV studies. Clinion has been deployed for FDA, EU, Israel & DCGI regulatory studies. The major therapeutic areas covered by Clinion are:

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