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Clinion Lite

The more efficient leaner solution for your PMS studies

About Clinion Lite

Clinion Lite is the leaner solution of Clinion EDC, specially designed for PMS studies. Clinion Lite is easy to set up and use and is the light weight solution for studies requiring simple data capture and management tools.


Set Up

Leaner & Faster /
Light Weight



Specially Designed For…

Phase IV/NIS/PMS Trials

BA-BE Studies

Investigator Initiated Trials

Ayurvedic Trials

Cosmetic Studies

Research Studies


Clinion Features

Thought Exploration Solution

ECRF Design

  • Manage multiple studies
  • Drag n Drop eCRF Designer
  • Edit Checks Configuration
  • Global Library
  • Study Manager

Data Management

  • Graphical Dashboards
  • Discrepancy Management
  • Ad hoc Data Extraction
  • Locks – Monitor, DM, Page, Visit & Study

EDC Studies

  • Replicates Paper CRF
  • Source Data and Investigator Verification (SDV & IV)
  • Notes & Attachments Visits

Discrepancy Management

  • Configurable DCF Workflow
  • Auto Edit Checks
  • Manual Edit Checks
  • Open discrepancies visible in the subject dashboard.
  • Update/ Close Query

Other Features

  • Multilingual eCRFs: Supports Indian & International languages
  • SDTM compliant
  • Dashboard extraction
  • High System Scalability

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