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Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Clinion EDC is a cloud-based Electronic Data Capture and Data Management platform that enables researchers to easily capture high quality, reusable data. Through revolutionizing data capture, we aim to improve Clinical research.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Clinion CTMS is a powerful end-to-end clinical trials management solution that brings control, efficiency, and quality data to every study. This web-based CTMS works on the go, letting you view and manage real-time operational performance — wherever and whenever.

IWRS & Supply Management

A fully integrated Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) to completely manage patient randomization as well as IP supply management.

Clinion ePRO

Clinion ePRO solution helps clinical trial investigators conduct trials remotely with help of its eConsent and patient diaries. This mobile based application can support multiple languages and is built to capture and update information in real time.


Why Clinion

Anyone can use Clinion CDMS & CTMS to build a study in hours. Some of the common reasons for using Clinion are Easy to Use, Regulatory Compliance, Safe & Secure and , Budget Friendly. We strive to work as a ‘trusted partner’ to our clients, collaborating, innovating and finding new ways together to improve outcomes by constantly improving our product.

Proven 18 Years of
Industry Expertise

Feature-rich Clinical
Trial Solutions


User-friendly and

Budget Friendly

Safe and


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Industries We Serve


Clinion partners with contract research organizations (CROs) to conduct and scale up clinical trials to deliver outcomes while addressing the requirements of Sponsors and regulators

Medical Devices

Clinion understands the unique requirements of medical device manufacturers with intuitive solutions and robust support resources, Clinion is here to serve you in your most efficient and cost-effective trials.


Simplified diagnostics studies. Conduct studies to manage large trials with less work, keeping your studies on the fastrack to submission by replacing programing, paper and remote data sharing.

Early phase pharma

Clinion specialises in the strategy and delivery of early phase clinical development for informed, timely decision making. Organizations conducting early phase pharma need an easy and flexible eClinical solution to accelerate their trials.


Data Security & Integrity

Clinion is safely hosted in Cloud
The database can be accessed only through the application
The application has very strict access controls in place
Data extraction must be done through the application
All access keys are encoded and stored in the database
Data integrity, managed by system design prohibits deletion of data and logs all progressions and access.

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