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Clinion CTMS

Manage all aspects of your clinical trial operations

Clinion CTMS transforms a clinical trial into an efficient and cohesive work environment. Successful clinical trials require the ability to see key details and uncover hidden insights. Clinion’s scientific, medical, and domain-experts bring a unique mix of insights across the product lifecycle to reduce “pain-points” and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

CTMS, a quick solution for today’s clinical trials

Simplify your study with CTMS at an affordable price in one simple package.

  • Feature-rich and versatile

    Worksheets, documents, calendars, contacts, schedules, payments, milestones and more are stored in one feature-rich, scalable package.

  • Compliance and Security

    Secures everything you need in one place while maintaining compliance every step of the way.

  • Pricing and Subscription Plans

    Just subscribe, log in and work with an all-inclusive toolkit without long-term commitments. Pay as you go, and cancel your subscription at any time.


CTMS Features

Access the robust CTMS tools you need. Clinion can adapt to the size of your projects and teams, from one study to a whole portfolio.

CTMS, the best fit for your clinical trial management.

Real-time Study Management

Clinion CTMS project management tools ensure that the study planning and management occurs in real time.

Real-time Monitoring & Reporting

The system allows project managers to manage Study Monitors in real-time as they visit sites and update monitoring reports.

Efficient IP Inventory Management

The system tracks inventory from receipt to issue to return. It also tracks and alerts project managers and IP managers about product expiry and inventory replenishment in real-time.

Strong Financial Management

Project Managers and Finance managers can enter milestones and invoicing along with expense reporting. Dashboards and reports display milestone achievement, payment receipts, expenses, outstanding and budgets.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Dashboards and reports to monitor and manage finances, inventory, projects and field monitoring leads to improved operational efficiency.

Reduced Overall costs

Improved operational efficiency and project management including inventory monitoring and optimization leads to reduced costs overall.

Bring your entire study on one platform!

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