Master Your eTMF for Faster and
Guaranteed Compliance

Your Pathway to Accelerated Trials and Streamlined Trial Master File (TMF) Management

Rapid Deployment

Our pre-built models and configurable structure can significantly reduce setup time compared to building a system from scratch. It can be set up over a span of 2 weeks which translates to a faster deployment and minimizes disruption to your workflows.

Easy-to-use Interface

Find what you need quickly, even with complex studies. Clinion eTMF software utilizes pre-built DIA TMF Reference Models and configurable organization-specific models. This translates to a well-organized system that allows for intuitive document filing and retrieval.

Complete Control and Real-Time Oversight

Automated version control and live tracking of missing documents empower you to maintain complete control over your TMF. Gain real-time insights into document status and completion rates, ensuring a compliant and inspection-ready TMF at all times.

Safety and Compliance at the Forefront

Clinion eTMF software prioritizes safety and compliance with features like electronic signatures and audit trails. These features reduce the risk of human error and simplify regulatory audits by providing a clear and traceable record of all TMF activity.

Powerful Features

Supercharge Your TMF with advanced functionalities like pre-built models, configurable structure, real-time tracking, and advanced analytics to optimize processes, ensure ongoing compliance, and make data-driven decisions.

The Next Gen TMF Management for Real-time Inspection Readiness

Our eTMF software has unique features that make storage, access and management easier. The simple user-interface makes it the go-to tool for clinical trial document management.

Document Lifecycle and Version Control

With a robust document lifecycle control feature, Clinion’s eTMF features Author, Review, eSign and Automated version controlling as well.

Inbuilt & Configurable DIA TMF Structure

Clinion eTMF comes with Pre-built DIA models and allows customization to align with your specific workflows.

Live Tracking of Missing Documents

Track the status of every document while monitoring their TMF compliance at every level with Clinion’s eTMF.

File Planning

File planning gets simpler with Clinion’s eTMF. Now you can set reminders to schedule your file uploads for a seamless clinical trial execution.

Advanced Insights

Clinion’s eTMF provides advanced analytics to track completeness, timeliness and compliance.

Quick Uploading

Our eTMF offers a drag and drop feature that allows you to upload documents in bulk while providing dynamic indexing options for documents.

Regulatory Inspection Ready

Clinion’s eTMF complies with the DIA, 21 CFR Part 11, ANNEX 11, GxP and GDPR guidelines.

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