Benefits of a Clinical Trial Management System

Benefits of a Clinical Trial Management System

Clinion Team

Clinion CTMS – Discover, Transform and Enhance your Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are a humongous undertaking. They involve massive amounts of data, hundreds of people and many sites for investigation. Managing these trials in the highly regulated clinical research field is challenging. It involves the integration of various processes, risk management and adherence to stringent schedules.

Clinion Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) has been designed to simplify this complex operation and bring all the various elements of a study working together harmoniously under one system.

Clinion CTMS Solutions – Simplifying Clinical Trials management

Clinion’s wide expertise in scientific and medical domains bring with them capabilities to simplify clinical studies, reduce pain points and improve overall efficiency. Our solutions are effective, affordable and customizable to industry demand.

Benefits of Clinion CTMS include:

➤ Clinion CTMS allows real-time management of multiple clinical trials

➤ CROs / Sponsors can efficiently manage their studies and obtain real-time information about:

➤ Study status – recruitment across sites – targets vs actuals

➤ SAE / AE reporting

➤ Budgeting, Expenses and invoicing

➤ Real-time Scheduling and monitoring of sites

➤ Efficient IP inventory management

➤ Clinical trial progress

➤ Improved operational efficiency

➤ Reduced costs

CTMS Features- Adaptability and Robustness are our Strengths

We offer a robust CTMS solution that can adapt to your project size and scale. Be it a single clinical study or a complete portfolio, Clinion CTMS is all you need to get the most of your clinical study processes and accelerate results.

The features that are a part of Clinion CTMS are:

Dashboards and Reports

Comprehensive dashboards and reports show all action items on a single page. You can view inventory reports, finance and costing reports, budget reports, pending payments and invoices in this feature.

Budgeting and Accounting

Through this feature, our clients can frame the budget for each project, track invoices, and expenses, manage payments, and allow integration with third-party accounting software.

Site Monitoring

You can view the activity calendar, monitor various reports such as recruitment, safety features, CRF review and deviations from the protocol.

Subject Recruitment

This feature shows a comparative study of actual and target numbers. Reporting is done on metrics such as screened, randomized, excluded, dropped and integrations with EDC.

Project Planning

This is a critical reporting feature of our CTMS. You can use this to set up and view project milestones, assign CRA to sites, create schedules, plans and monitor them.

IP Inventory Management

This feature provides stock status updates, drug expiry reports, inventory receipts, and batch management.

Document Management System (DMS)

This CTMS feature allows the user to upload and share documents, folders, and grant permission to access them.

Safety Reporting

This allows for SAE reporting and tracking, SAE data import and integration with EDC.

Regulatory Compliance

Activity logs are maintained with checks for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and SOP’s are documented.

Why is CTMS right for your clinical studies?

We can make your clinical trial management effective through the following ways:

· Our project management tools allow for real-time clinical study management

· Through our system, project managers can study and update reports in real-time.

· Our inventory management system tracks the inventory right from the issue until delivery. It maintains stock info and issues alerts for refills in real-time.

· Our powerful financial management feature helps keep track of milestones, expenses, payments, and budgeting

· Due to continuous monitoring of finances and inventory, a high degree of operational efficiency is achieved. Optimized project management techniques are the primary feature of our CTMS System which will contribute immensely towards cost reduction for your business.