4 Benefits of Using ePRO During the COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Benefits of using Clinion eCOA

Clinion Team

There are many benefits by using Clinion eCOA During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, CROs and Pharmaceutical companies are facing myriad of challenges. Many clinical trial studies have either slowed down or completely stopped due to the ongoing crisis. With medical staff directed to support the growing need for health workers, hospitals have little to no resources to spare for any other activities.

COVID-19 Vaccine / Medicine Studies and Our Learnings from it

Clinion has supported many companies to run their clinical trials operations during the pandemic. This includes multiple therapies as well as Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN studies. During these tough times, companies are facing multiple challenges.

Our integrated platform helped these companies manage their entire clinical trial process with:

  • Minimal interpersonal contact
  • High efficiency
  • High data accuracy
Our eCOA solution played a critical role in enabling companies conduct these clinical trials without interruptions. Below are some benefits of using integrated Clinion eCOA for clinical trials.

Reduce clinic visits and improve patient safety during pandemic

It is a known fact that patients must visit the hospital (research sites) for regular checkups. These visits help researchers understand the effects of medication, side affects and general health checks. During the pre-pandemic times, researches tabulated this data and captured it in the appropriate format before sending it for analysis.

However, patients’ risk of exposure to COVID-19 increased due to their scheduled clinic visits. With growing risk, lesser number of patients are venturing out to participate in the trials. With eCOA, our clients were able to capture all the details via a simple and light-weight mobile app. This information is tabulated and processed the same way researchers did earlier. The app is designed to capture the information in a detailed and methodical manner to make sure there is no ambiguity in the quality. With this app, patients can now share this information with researchers from the comfort of their home.

Improved patient engagement

Manual documentation of patient’s response to the medicine / vaccine can be done only during patient visits. These visits might not be as frequent as the researchers want them to be. As the patient must physically travel to the test site, information captured will be restricted to the frequency of these visits.

With eCOA, you can design the app to capture the information as frequently as required. This will help researchers collect data much more frequently with the patient never leaving home.

Conduct Decentralized Clinical Trials

Decentralized clinical trials depend predominantly on IT infrastructure and eCOA plays a vital role in it. In traditional trials, there is a considerable burden on the patients to prepare and travel to the test site and meet the researchers. With eCOA powered decentralized trials, companies can collect clinical data without compromising on quality. It also opens up the opportunity to recruit patients from remote locations, increasing the chances of faster recruitment and reduces dropout rates.

Create alerts for patients for various trial related tasks

Using eCOA, our clients have also created regular alerts for their users. These alerts can be scheduled to remind the patient of the time and dosage of his medication and also remind him of a regular site visit. These alerts increase the participation from patients resulting in better accuracy of the study results.


CROs and pharmaceutical companies today have a myriad of tools at their disposal. By deploying these tools effectively, CROs can effectively combat various challenges ahead of them including the COVID-19 pandemic that is slowing down clinical trials.

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