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How Clinion Helped Conduct India’s Largest Decentralised Trial with 95% Patient Retention

Clinion Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how clinical trials will be conducted and managed going forward. Mainly, the urgency and necessity to adopt a virtual platform to efficiently create, deploy, gather verified patient data, and conduct successful trials. This is no small task. Choosing the right technology and eClinical Solution can make this process so much easier and much more manageable.

After successfully conducting more than 50 covid studies and 15 vaccine trials, impacting over 20,000 subjects worldwide, we’ve gained a deeper understanding on how to design, setup, conduct, and complete Covid-19 clinical trials with the highest rate of client satisfaction in the current market. We also understand the issues and challenges which CROs face with current software for executing Covid-19 trials, and offer our solution and expertise to resolve all challenges that can arise.

  • Large-scale COVID-19 clinical trial
  • Remote Patient Compliance
  • Site and onboarding operations
Why Clinion
  • Remote and on-site data collection
  • eConsent Technology
  • eCOA Application
  • BYOD Solution
  • Peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Entire Country is in Lockdown
  • Subjects are from Urban, Semi-urban and Rural Areas
  • Only 3 weeks for First Patient In (FPI) time

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Target Institute of Medical Education & Research (TIMER)

Target Institute of Medical Education & Research (TIMER) is a group of highly qualified professionals and academicians from the field of Ayurveda, Medicine, Pharmacology and Statistics. TIMER prioritises assistance, coordination, and guidance in academic and industry research. TIMER focuses on grass root research at the Postgraduate level of Ayurveda, Herbal, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical and other allied medical fraternities.

Clinion: Integrated eClinical Trial Platform

Clinion® provides EDC, CTMS, RTSM, eCOA and Document Automation as an integrated platform or as stand-alone software to flawlessly execute and deploy Phase I to IV clinical trials. Clinion uses AI and Automation to provide cutting-edge clinical trial software to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries, enabling them to accelerate trial setup and conduct and manage trials more easily with high data quality.

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