Machine Learning/Data Science

We are just looking for the freshers who have completed the course in python machine learning or data science to join our development team and help us develop and maintain various software products. Responsibilities include writing and testing code, debugging programs and integrating applications with third-party web services.


  • Data mining or extracting usable data from valuable data sources
  • Using machine learning tools to select features, create and optimize classifiers
  • Carrying out preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
  • Enhancing data collection procedures to include all relevant information for developing analytic systems
  • Processing, cleansing, and validating the integrity of data to be used for analysis
  • Analyzing large amounts of information to find patterns and solutions
  • Developing prediction systems and machine learning algorithms
  • Presenting results in a clear manner
  • Propose solutions and strategies to tackle business challenges
  • Collaborate with Business and IT teams


  • Trained in Python with machine learning or data science
  • Familiarity with front-end technologies (like JavaScript and HTML5)
  • Team spirit Good problem-solving skills
  • BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field