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Automation of Clinical Study Reports

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Automate Clinical Study Reports with the help of AI

AI algorithms automatically generate the Clinical Study Report (CSR)

Clinion uses AI algorithms to automatically generate the Clinical Study Report (CSR) from an input of the Study Protocol and the Statistical Analysis Report (SAR)

  • Users can upload a master CSR template and also Protocol and SAR templates
  • For a new study, users need to upload study specific Protocol and SAR documents
  • Systems reads the uploaded documents and auto-maps various sections with the CSR
  • Sections not mapped will have to be manually mapped by the user
  • The system then generates the CSR Report which can be downloaded.
  • The system also allows for multiple versions of CSRs and for various therapeutic areas.
  • The in-built AI tools enable the system to learn with use and get better at generating the end CSR report.
  • Users can also manage CSR template as per ICH guidelines.

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