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Clinion ePRO

Recruit and monitor patients remotely and safely, with eConsent and patient diary


Consent is a critical part of the clinical trial process. WithePRO, your patients can provide their consent from thecomfort of their homes.


With multi-lingual support, our app can support interface inthe language of his or her choice. This will help improvepatient participation.

Regular Updates

With ePRO, your patients can report the outcomes of takingthe medicines with increased frequency and accuracy.


With ePRO, the need for a patient’s physical visit reducesdrastically. With the help of the app, most information canbe collected remotely with the help of a smartphone.



  • Forms set up dynamically in EDC
  • Multi-lingual forms
  • Published to mobile app
  • Patients can download the app and install it
  • Patients can then register and start using the ePRO
  • Patients can enter their health information date-wise
  • The data can be saved locally for offline entry and synched later or can be synced immediately with the EDC
  • Synched data is available in EDC for investigator to review and raise queries
  • Patients can review their previously entered data at any time.


  • Clinion’s ePRO module also consists of a robust eConsent module
  • The eConsent module allows patients to give their consent remotely. The eConsent can be given by patients with smartphones.
  • Patients can download and the app from the app store and register onto the app securely with the help of OTP.
  • Once registered they can access the Informed Consent Form (ICF) for that study. They can read the ICF guidelines and fill in the ICF form. On completion, they are prompted for their signature which they can do on the mobile.
  • The ICF form along with signature and patient information is synced to the server
  • The investigator can review the ICF and give his approval. The investigator would have to electronically sign to provide their approval.
  • One approval, the patient receives the notification on their app.
  • On approval, the ICF form is also generated as a pdf with patient signature and investigator approval information (date and time and name).


Salient Features

  • Dynamic forms
  • Multi-lingual
  • Online registration
  • Remote consent
  • Remote monitoring
  • Patient diary
  • ICF form generation
  • Online patient signature


Since the data is synced remotely from the patient to the EDC it obviates the need for the patient to come into the site except for some investigations.
Investigator and CRO can remotely monitor the well-being of the patient.

Since the ePRO monitors the daily health and well-being of the patient, compliance can be monitored and patient retention goes up.

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